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Get access to personal and business development courses and consulting. Inside CEO-AF's master classes, the focus is clear. You'll experience knowledge and expertise to create massive break through son your journey to becoming CEO-AF

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What is Included in Conference Room

  • Wiring the Mind For Greatness
  • Greatness Tracker Expained
  • Rewiring your Mind and The GREATNESS TRACKER
  • Building out your VIP List
  • Lead Tracker and VIP list explained
  • Recruiting and Hiring Employees
  • Numbers: Internal Tracking Outside of What Your Book Keeper Provides
  • Taxes, Entity Set Up, and Business Finances with Guest Speaker Jordy Bernhard
  • Social Media Marketing with Kimba
  • Understanding your true Zero
  • Credit Repair with Kenneth Smith Jr
  • Managing and Tracking Your Time
  • Delegation
  • Mock interviews
  • Confidence / self limiting beliefs (understanding where your beliefs came from.
  • Giving them compassion. Growing confidence off “data” (decisions)
  • Delegation (duties and deadlines)
  • Canvassing, prospecting – PIPS
  • Public speaking & More


The conference room is a bi-weekly get together for entreprenuers that happens on

Wednesday’s at 5:30pm CST/ 6:30pm EST. 

We have found, so often, strategies that work for one industry also can make a great solution for another. If you only network among your own industry, you really limit KNOWLEDGE, SYSTEMS, SOFTWARES, and REFERRAL PARTNERS. 

 We bring together a group that will get to know each others journeys through the bi-weekly Q & A sessions as well as engaging with each other in our private facebook group JUST FOR CEO-AF private clients. 

These type of groups are often POWERFUL for growing your social media presence as well because YOUR TRIBE shows up to ENGAGE with your content! 



For $99 per month: 

– Bi Weekly One Hour Zoom Calls with a topic on Mindset, Growth, Leadership, Finance, Business, etc. by a CEO-AF coach or guest speaker! 

Topics needed to become CEO-AF in your LIFE, not JUST your business.  

-Access to all past recordings of Conference Room meetings and topics. 

-Access to CEO-AF’s File Vault and concierge service to provide customizable forms, templates, and documents 

-Access to the CEO-AF Private Facebook group 

– A FREE CEO-AF T-Shirt upon sign up! 


All the calls will be hosted on zoom in a meeting room you will be provided upon registration. 

You can also find CEO-AF clients and coaches in the CEO PRIVATE CLIENT Facebook group. 


"Our journey is about learning be stable, centered, & in tune with our own strength. From there we can build and create a life we enjoy living by design. At CEO-AF we help you get there. " - Kimba

How often have you felt alone when growing your business & confused on the next steps to take or which way to move?

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We believe in being intentional with the labels we give ourself.

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This is up to the indivual and their needs as well as learning style. There are benefits to both coaching styles and both have a track record of incrediable results.

Calls will be scheduled on zoom and recorded. Through our kajabi platform all members have the recordings of previous calls for review.

Our goal is to give you implementable and inspirational coaching and content that you can implement IMMEDIATELY and start seeing results instantly.

At CEO-AF we believe that it is impossible to be a great CEO of your company before you are a great CEO of yourself. Topics will be geared around creating a life by deisgn with success in all areas of your life.

Don’t wait! Take control of your life and begin the journey of becoming CEO AF today.

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