In this program you expect to

Take control of your life by taking control of your mindset. We will dive into the studies of Dr. Joe Dispenza along with other authors and thought leaders to get deep INTO HOW your brain REALLY works so you can understand the power you have over your happiness, health, and finances.

We will discuss business fundamentals and build you a foundation for

  • Stability and growth
  • Entity Set Up
  • Personal and Business Finances
  • Marketing Basics
  • Systems and Process
  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding
You will start TAKING MASSIVE F’ing ACTION towards becoming the Chief Executive Officer of your LIFE!
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Kimba & Amanda

Meet Your Coaches

Chris Codere

Rachel Pieterson​

Jonathan Fail

Mercedes Davis

Warrior Program 1

In this 25 week program you will be attending ONE call per week. The calls will alternate weekly as a 30 minute 1-1 with just you and your coach and a 60 minute virtual meeting with your group.
The 1-1 calls are open to be intuitive to your business’ current needs and private chats needed with your coach.
The group meetings are themed calls with some of the below topics deisgned to take you from average to becoming CEO-AF

Warrior One Call Topics:

  • Rewiring your brain
  • Understading who YOU are
  • Embracing the power of NOW
  • Learning the Countdown for Motivation
  • The Magic of Whiteboards
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Personal and Business Finances
  • The basics of SYSTEMS & PROCESS’
  • Set up your marketing plan and START GETTING LEADS FOR YOUR COMPANY
  • Create your core values and misson statement
  • The Time Management Audit
  • How to Delegate, build work flow positions and MAKE YOUR FIRST HIRE.
  • Proper hiring, onboarding, and training for employee success
  • & More

What Is Included:

  • 30 minute bi weekly 1-1 meetings with your coach
  • 60 minute bi weekly meetings with your group for your coach to teach the topic of the week and host group discussion.
  • Custom forms as needed for your business growth
  • Access to CLIENT ONLY podcast and discussions
  • Access to our growing CEO University
  • 50% discount on any CEO-AF events
  • 25% discount on any CEO-AF in house business services
  • 10% discount on all CEO-AF Merch
  • The opportunity to coach upon graduating your level
  • The opportunity to be a CEO AF affiliate partner and make residual income
  • Access to your coach and group members via Facebook messenger for in between calls

How Much Is The Investment?

It is important that you know our goal at CEO-AF is to be an investment to you and your business, NOT an expense.

We feel VERY confident that if you implement and execute on what you learn here, EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE WILL GROW. 

CEO-AF has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into their own education, training, and experience.

We are proud to offer access to this knowledge for only $1,000/ month in Warrior One.

This is a six month commitment to yourself and your growth, however with 60 days of written notice to the program,  you can cancel at anytime.  

Applicants who are chosen for Warrior One will be notified by email of payment schedule and next steps.

Not Sure Which Plan Is Right For You? Frequently Ask A Question!

We look for people who WANT to grow and are coachable. Our programs are geared toward small business owners but are also applicable to a FUTURE entreprenuer that wants to learn before they launch.
The Warrior Program is a 6 month program by design so canceling earlier will limit the benefits you will receive. We highly recommend considering the 6 month investment and ensure you have the funds available NOT to cancel for six months. (Ask us about our financing options)

If an emergency happens or you do need to cancel for any reason, we just ask for a 60 day notice essentially meaning two more payments would typically process before the cancellation would be effective.
We definitely want you to consider your availability before you apply as meeting with your coach LIVE is very important to the success of your program. Group calls cannot be made up, refunded, or rescheduled. One on One calls can be re-scheduled within the SAME week by coordinating with your coach 24 hours in advance.

Any cancellations made after a 24 notice will not be rescheduled.

Our Warrior 2 Program dives deep into business scaling, delegating, and taking both yourself and your company to the next level. 


After 6 months you can APPLY to the warrior 2 program but income and status requirements do apply. 


Our goal is by the end of warrior 1 and graduating to warrior 2, you are grossing six figures a year. 

You Are applying for Warrior Program 1 $1500/ Month