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In this program you expect to

start taking MASSIVE action towards your companies growth by creating job flow process and employee work flows to delegate out the work, build tracking sheets to have transparency of your company, get gangster with your marketing, AND grow yourself to new leadership and personal potiential.

You will become the CEO of your mind, body, and business.

"Becoming the person you aspire to be requires that you stop being that old self. " Dr Joe Dispeza

Elevate your life and freedom to the next level by building in systems to your path that automate your future.

// It is time to

Hire a team and delegate out the work
Get some TIME FREEDOM back

create and execute on a high level marketing plan that will GROW your business WHILE building systems and process’ that can handle fulfilling on the work. 

Grow personally to be the best leader you can be

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life.

The WARRIOR TWO program has a maximum of 7 seats per group. Seats are assigned based off an application process with the best attempt made to partner you with a group that is on a similar level as you currently. Together you will go through the journey of leveling up your life with your coach as your guide.

Meet Your Coach:

Kimba Garcia

Warrior Two Call Topics:
What Is Included
How Much Is The Investment?

Not Sure Which Plan Is Right For You? Frequently Ask A Question!

We look for people who WANT to grow and are coachable. This program is geared toward successful small business owners who currently make six figures a year in their business and are ready to delegate and scale.
The Warrior Program is a 6 month program by design so canceling earlier will limit the benefits you will receive. We highly recommend considering the 6 month investment and ensure you have the funds available NOT to cancel for six months. (Ask us about our financing options)

If an emergency happens or you do need to cancel for any reason, we just ask for a 60 day notice essentially meaning two more payments would typically process before the cancellation would be effective.
We definitely want you to consider your availability before you apply as meeting with your coach LIVE is very important to the success of your program. Group calls cannot be made up, refunded, or rescheduled. One on One calls can be re-scheduled within the SAME week by coordinating with your coach 24 hours in advance.

Any cancellations made after a 24 notice will not be rescheduled.
Our Warrior 2 Program is designed to teach you how to create cashflow and prepare to build long term net worth.

The graduation to level 3 is an application process based on the invidual but usually requires grossing 400k per year and be mentally prepared to start diving deeper into investing.

Don’t wait! Take control of your life and begin the journey of becoming CEO AF today.

You Are applying for Warrior Program 2 $2000/ Month